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NES Classic Edition To Be Discontinued Plus Stock Update

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380877 12: Boxes of the Nintendo 64 video game system sit on the shelves October 26, 2000 at a Toys R Us store in El Paso, Texas. The Nintendo and Sega Dreamcast platforms are the main competition for the new Sony PlayStation 2 which went on sale October 26, 2000 across the United States. The PS2 is already in short supply because Sony had to cut the initial American shipments of the gaming platform in half. The company originally promised 1 million units, but chip shortages forced Sony to reduce that figure to 500,000. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

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Fans hoping that the news of Nintendo discontinuing its widely popular NES Classic is untrue, keep hoping. The Japanese firm has officially confirmed that they are in fact, discontinuing NES Classic Edition, almost everywhere.

Nintendo told Eurogamer on Tuesday, 18th April, that the company will no longer be manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System anymore. In other words, the classic edition will no longer be re-stocked once the stock runs out. Moreover, there were several reports last week too that suggested that the Nintendo of America has also ended all the shipments regarding the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System for 2017.

There’s a catch to this, though. According to a report published by CNET, Nintendo (America) confirmed that the company had ended shipments for “this year,” with special emphasis on the words, “this year.” Thus, fans still have a small ray of hope to expect the product to be restocked next year. However, the company hasn’t officially confirmed nor denied the news.

Nonetheless, the NES Classic Edition has been discontinued in the whole of Europe for now. Since the NES Classic Mini is only available in Japan at the moment, it means that the console is now officially out of print worldwide once the stock at Japan gets over.

Separately, another report published by Mashable suggests that Nintendo hasn’t mentioned any particular reason for this shocking move. Several rumors and speculations indicate that the Japanese firm is apparently facing “supply issues.” The company had probably not anticipated such immense popularity and therefore, weren’t prepared to meet the growing demands. Therefore, it appears like the company is done for this year. The last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition will end this month.

The company has even encouraged all those interested buyers to check with the retail store first before heading out to purchase the classic console as there are chances that it may just have run out of stock.



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