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Submarine cables could be repurposed as earthquake detectors

EARTH is observed as never before. Satellites track typhoons, monitor volcanic-ash plumes and catalogue the changing ways in which human beings use the land. The sort of high-quality imagery that, a couple of decades ago, was the preserve of spies in rich and powerful countries is now freely available to users of Google Maps. Get our daily newsletter Upgrade your ...

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How open is America? – What tariffs?

“JUSTIN has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between Canada and the United States,” claimed President Donald Trump to laughter on June 8th, at the G7 summit in Quebec. The next day, in apparent seriousness, Mr Trump—who has slapped tariffs and quotas on imports of aluminium and steel from all the G7 countries, and others—called for unfettered ...

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Major League Baseball sees a sharp drop in attendance

Miami Marlins pitcher Trevor Richards pauses before leaving a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles’ in the fourth inning Sunday, June 17, 2018, in Baltimore.  (AP Photo/Gail Burton) With the regular season approaching the halfway point, it seems safe to say that this is baseball in 2018: lots of home runs, even more strikeouts—and, relatively speaking, not a lot of ...

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