Daily Archives: April 9, 2018

Chevy salesman confirms mid-engine Corvette is real

 (Chris Doane Automotive) The mid-engine Corvette is coming, possibly before the new year. A prototype of the suspected mid-engine Corvette was spotted making a McDonald’s run last fall.  (Chris Doane Automotive) A Chevrolet salesman who attended a dealer meeting in Las Vegas said he saw official photos of the eighth-generation Vette, describing it as the cross between a Corvette ZR1 ...

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$15m is available to solve a burning problem

THE XPRIZE foundation, based near Los Angeles, exists to encourage innovations that might be useful but from which conventional financial backers are likely to shy away. Previous XPRIZES have been awarded for feats such as flying a reusable spacecraft to the edge of space, and designing cheap sensors to measure oceanic acidity. Those still on offer would, among other things, ...

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