Daily Archives: February 3, 2018

Why United Airlines has got into a flap over a peacock

FEDERAL guidelines in America stipulate that airlines must allow passengers with disabilities to bring support animals onto flights. The rules were originally designed with guide dogs for the blind and the like in mind. Yet in recent years the rules have allowed a host of unusual and exotic animals to board planes for their owners’ emotional wellbeing. Last weekend United ...

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We and our leaders must remember there is great power in humility

Like the wave of a giant tsunami, news stories about Russian election meddling, government shutdowns, partisan sniping in Congress, sexual misconduct, protest marches, tweet storms, racism, immigration fights and more are sweeping over us morning, noon and night. Amid charge and countercharge, opponents all claim the mantle of virtue and righteousness. “I’m right, and you’re wrong” seems to be the ...

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