Daily Archives: February 1, 2018

Music may be the food of love, but oddly, is not its language

A lullaby in any language “WHERE words fail, music speaks.” Though these words, from the pen of Hans Christian Andersen, are an appealing notion, the idea that there might be universals in music which transcend cultural boundaries has generally been met with scepticism by scholars working in the field. That scepticism may, however, be unwarranted, for research published in Current ...

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Strong January, strong year? A market maxim’s record falters

NEW YORK –  If you’re an investor who has faith in the old stock market maxim “as January goes, so goes the year,” you’re probably feeling pretty good about 2018 based on what you saw last month. Trouble is, January’s record as a predictor for the rest of the year has been spotty recently. Historically speaking, it’s true that if ...

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