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Man dies after being sucked into MRI machine, police say

Rajesh Maru died in a freak accident in India after being sucked into an MRI machine, police said  (Facebook) A 32-year-old man died in a freak accident in India after being sucked into an MRI machine Saturday night, authorities said. Rajesh Maru carried an oxygen container into a room at Nair Hospital in Mumbai with an active MRI scanner, and ...

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Silencing a sonic boom would help a Concorde replacement

Tomorrow, yesterday WHEN a British Airways Concorde travelling from New York touched down at Heathrow airport, in London, on October 24th 2003, supersonic passenger travel came to an end. Concorde was a technological marvel, but never a commercial success. Only 14 of them entered service. Yet the idea of building a successor has never quite gone away. Aircraft-makers review the ...

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A travel agent is trying to charge fees for sunbeds

IN KEEPING with the trend for charging for things travellers used to get free, it should perhaps come as no surprise that sunbeds are the latest feature of a standard holiday on which travel agents are slapping extra fees. Thomas Cook, a British package-holiday firm, has announced that it will allow holidaymakers to pre-book poolside loungers for £22 ($31) per ...

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