Daily Archives: January 23, 2018

Dirty details of Missouri governor’s affair fuel resignation calls

Missouri’s Republican governor is the latest politician to star in his own drama: Fifty Shades of Greitens – a tawdry tale of lust, power and betrayal that has consumed state politics and led to bipartisan calls for his resignation. Only minutes after delivering his State of the State address earlier this month, Gov. Eric Greitens was hit with an exposé ...

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Making multicopters easier to use will increase the number in use

SMALL multicopter drones—souped-up versions of those sold by the million as Christmas toys—have tremendous potential for use in industry and agriculture. Rather than erecting scaffolding or bringing in a mechanical platform to inspect things like roofs and chimneys, the job can be done instantly, and probably for less money, by sending up a drone-mounted camera. Drones can also fly along ...

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