Daily Archives: December 20, 2017

An experiment with in-home deliveries is under way

AFTER staying at home one afternoon for a delivery of discounted toilet disinfectant that never came, Valentin Romanov, a Stockholm IT manager, installed a special lock on his flat’s entrance. When no one is in, deliverymen unlock the door and slip packages inside. Four months on, Mr Romanov has doubled his spending online and says he cannot imagine life without ...

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Not all warning colouration signals toxicity

Just don’t bother BRIGHT colours in the natural world are often a warning. In the case of tiger snakes, blue-ringed octopuses, arrow-poison frogs, hornets and many other species, the warning is that the animal carries toxins that will sicken or kill. Thus it was that Alfred Russel Wallace, co-inventor of the theory of natural selection and an avid insect collector, ...

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