Daily Archives: September 9, 2017

Mobile technology is revamping loyalty schemes

THOSE of a cynical bent might think Tom Stuker a glutton for punishment. Over the years, Mr Stuker has flown more than 18m miles (29m kilometres) on United Airlines, a carrier not always renowned for treating its passengers tenderly. Mr Stuker may possess the world’s most impressive frequent-flyer account. Over the past half-decade he has averaged over 1m miles a ...

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Duterte softens stance on drug war after backlash following teen deaths

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte appears to be walking back from his controversial crackdown on drugs in the country, claiming extrajudicial killings have been perpetrated by saboteurs rather than police who actually “follow the law.” Duterte’s comments came this week, following the gruesome deaths of multiple teenagers – reportedly shot or stabbed by police – that rallied the country against the ...

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