Daily Archives: September 8, 2017

Will credit cause a slowdown?

IF THERE is a consensus at the moment, it is that the global economy is finally managing a synchronised recovery. The purchasing managers’ index for global manufacturing is at its highest level for six years; copper, the metal often seen as the most sensitive to global conditions, is up by a quarter since May.  <a…Continue reading Source link

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$1.3 million motorhome has room for your family and car

This amazing footage shows one of the largest, most expensive new motorhomes ever to hit the open road. The $1.3 million bus-sized “Variomobil Signature 1200” boasts a 523 horsepower of Mercedes engine – but it can also house a powerful Porsche in its own garage. This handy design feature means after finding a big enough parking space you can zip ...

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