Daily Archives: September 1, 2017

Evolution of combat boots: From bootees to modern tactical boots

The phrase “an army marches on its stomach” has been attributed to both the Emperor Napoleon and Prussia’s Frederick the Great – but regardless of who said it, many soldiers in the field would argue the importance of effective military boots. The boots that soldiers have worn have improved dramatically over the past several hundred years. The current Army Combat ...

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Of Indian banknotes cancelled last year, 99% are accounted for

ON NOVEMBER 8th 2016, Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, stunned its 1.3bn people by announcing that most banknotes would soon become worthless. Indians then queued for weeks on end to exchange or deposit their banned money at banks. The comfort for the poor was that the greedy, tax-dodging rich would suffer more, as they struggled to launder their suitcases full ...

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