Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

The private-equity business learns to be more flexible

THE private-equity business presents a paradox. Its barons like to boast of revamping the companies they buy. But they themselves have been steadfast to their own business model, centred on funds with a ten-year life. Within this time span, fund managers, known as “general partners” (GPs), commit to buy, manage and sell a clutch of companies; investors commit to lock ...

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Suspect in brutal DART attack says he feels remorse for beating

A suspect arrested for his role in a mob attack on a DART light rail train and station told Fox 4 News Friday that he feels remorse. Jakobi Hendrix, 21, was arrested Thursday and faces an aggravated assault charge for hitting Kennan Jones with his skateboard. His brother, Remon Hendrix, was arrested early Friday morning and charged with misdemeanor assault. ...

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