Daily Archives: June 9, 2017

Markets struggle to make sense of Britain’s election chaos

UK politicsRead more British election coverage THERESA MAY decided to call a snap election on a walking holiday in Wales. History will regard it as the most disastrous ramble since Captain Oates wandered out of the Antarctic tent in 1912. Having failed to anticipate the result, investors (like everybody else) are struggling to understand what will happen next.  It looks ...

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Reality Winner: Can the government prevent more intelligence leaks?

With just one arrest to date after months of damaging leaks traced to the intelligence community, Congress says it is looking at new safeguards to prevent more such breaches. But in every case in recent history, extensive leaks or thefts of highly classified material have prompted new safeguards that have nevertheless failed to stop the problem. Most recently, 25 year-old security ...

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Helping blind people navigate

Belted up FOR centuries, canes have served blind and partially sighted people well by giving them a means to negotiate the world around them. The only serious upgrade they have undergone dates back to 1921, when a Briton called James Biggs, who had recently lost his sight, painted his own cane white in order to make it easily visible and ...

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